Recording: Advanced Technology: Made in Britain or Made Insecure?

In this instalment of the RUSI Advanced Technology and Economic Resilience series, Sir Anthony Finkelstein, President of City, University of London, and Professor of Software Systems Engineering, discussed supply chains and UK sovereign technological capability.

As a global hub of science and technology, the UK enjoys substantial economic and security benefits. National technological innovation, whether by start-ups or academia, is world-leading in quantum computing, renewable energy, and AI. National principles, such as Secure by Design, demonstrate the UK’s commitment to safe and secure innovation. However, while the UK is an innovator, it also lacks sovereign capacity in crucial areas including telecommunications and microchip production. In addition, complex global supply chains are increasingly subject to geostrategic competition.

Professor Sir Anthony Finkelstein, discusses the importance of supply chain resilience and how the UK can better enable the development of high-risk sovereign technologies, particularly those with an impact on national security.


Professor Sir Anthony Finkelstein CBE FREng DSc MAE FCGI is the President of City, University of London, and Professor of Software Systems Engineering. Prior to taking up his current role, he was Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security to the UK government. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of RUSI.

The discussion will be moderated by Professor Madeline Carr, RUSI Senior Associate Fellow and Professor of Global Politics and Cybersecurity at University College London. She is also the Director of the Research Institute for Sociotechnical Cyber Security (RISCS).

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    Advanced Technology and Economic Resilience

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