Recording: Advanced Technology: International Partnerships and Geostrategic Competition

Part two of RUSI’s Advanced Technology and Economic Resilience series explores the dynamics of global technology partnership and competition and how these will affect security and prosperity across the world.

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New technologies are developing based on differing principles, standards and security characteristics in different parts of the world. This is creating a fragmented landscape where supply chains are increasingly complex and harder to risk-manage. In such a context, it is more important than ever to understand the implications of using technologies that have been designed by others. Failing to do so risks losing confidence and trust in the core technologies underlying critical national infrastructure.

Policies such as US sanctions on Huawei and, conversely, Beijing’s ‘Made in China 2025’ strategy committing the countries to independence from strategic adversaries for key technologies intensify technology competition in some places, while encouraging new partnerships in others. This demands a more detailed debate on how countries like the UK can avoid overreliance on a small number of suppliers while reaping the benefits of technological innovation in a way that affirms democratic principles and standards.


Chair: Dr Seth Center, Senior Advisor, Special Competitive Studies Project

Keynote: Ambassador Sylvie Bermann, RUSI Trustee and former French Ambassador to China, Russia and the UK

  • Agathe Demarais, Global Forecasting Director, The Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Chris Jones, Director of Technology & Analysis, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
  • John Lee, Director, East-West Futures


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