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Ministry of Defence handout photo of the cockpit of a Royal Air Force A400M Atlas from 70 Squadron, taking part in a Flypast over Brussels, Belgium, to mark the NATO summit. Courtesy of PA Images.

Useful for the Next Hundred Years? Maintaining the Future Utility of Airpower

Clive Bount
RUSI Journal, 8 August 2018
Aerospace, Defence Spending, Technology
The advantages of airpower must be demonstrated to decision-makers.

In order to investigate how airpower might maintain its position as central in the minds of strategic decision-makers, Clive Blount examines the fundamental attributes and roles of airpower, looking into the future, and discusses the continuing strategic utility of airpower. After considering potential technological advances, he then turns to the strategic interface and, in the face of enemies that are likely to adopt a ‘hybrid warfare’ strategy, he proposes three new fundamental properties to which airpower must aspire if it is to retain its historical strategic utility – those of availability, affordability and acceptability.

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