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Dutch and US personnel work together during the US Army Corps of Engineering Base Camp Development Planning Course held in Wiesbaden, Germany, May 2012. Courtesy of US Army Corps of Engineers/Carol E Davis.

Designing Conceptual Failure in Warfare: The Misguided Path of the West

Peter Roberts
RUSI Journal, 3 April 2017
Military Sciences, Profession of Arms, Defence Policy, Global Security Issues, Technology
As its competitors develop new concepts, the West’s approach to warfare is reminiscent of Napoleonic times.

In this examination of modern warfare doctrine and strategies, Peter Roberts argues that Western militaries are constrained by thirteenth-century theological philosophy and Napoleonic dogma, while their enemies have leapt ahead into the twenty-first century – not simply in technological terms, but in the very way they have reimagined warfare.

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Professor Peter Roberts
Director Military Sciences, RUSI

Peter is Director of Military Sciences at RUSI. The research group provides thought leadership and impactful research on military... read more

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