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A military base at Perevalne during the 2014 Crimean crisis. Courtesy of Anton Holoborodko/Wikimedia.

Defining Contemporary Russian Warfare: Beyond the Hybrid Headline

Robert Seely
RUSI Journal, 3 April 2017
Ukraine, Russia, Information, Land Forces, Europe
For Moscow, warfare extends well beyond the battlefield.

In this article, Robert Seely offers a comprehensive assessment of what has become known as Russian ‘hybrid’ warfare. First, he asks whether ‘hybrid’ is the most appropriate term to use when studying contemporary Russian warfare. Second, he introduces a method of categorisation to help make sense of the considerable diversity of Russian tools of war. Finally, he suggests that contemporary Russian warfare is more than just war; it amounts to a reinvention of strategic art, where the tools of state power are integrated into a single whole.

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