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Countering Proliferation Finance: Model Law Second Edition

Anagha Joshi
Other Publications, 2 October 2018
Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, Counter-Proliferation Finance, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, United Nations, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy
This is the updated version of the model law from the previous guidance paper produced by RUSI on countering proliferation finance. It aims to assist governments seeking to strengthen their legal and institutional frameworks to counter proliferation finance.

In July 2017, RUSI published a Countering Proliferation Finance: Implementation Guide and Model Law for Governments. Since then, there have been a number of updates to United Nations Security Council Resolutions relating to North Korea. In partnership with the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering, RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies is pleased to release an updated version of the model law.

The quick reference table summarising relevant obligations under United Nations Security Council Resolutions and Financial Action Task Force recommendations has also been updated and appended to the model law. In addition, we have taken this opportunity to improve other aspects of the model law that States might find useful. For instance, the updated model law creates a definition of proliferation financing, provides a schedule of Controlled Items related to North Korea, includes provisions allowing for the administration of frozen assets and simplifies some offence provisions. For ease of identifying amendments, new sections have been added by including a letter in the section numbering. For example, Section 19A has been inserted after Section 19. Where sections have been deleted, a note has been inserted to indicate that the section has been removed.

Developing effective legal and regulatory measures to counter proliferation finance should be part of a broader counter proliferation finance framework, including policy initiatives, awareness of proliferation finance risk, typologies and industry guidance. We therefore encourage readers of this Model Law to read RUSI’s other publications on countering proliferation finance, all of which are freely available on:

Anagha Joshi
Associate Fellow

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