Episode 3: The Cryptocurrency Rollercoaster

More than a decade since Bitcoin’s emergence, cryptocurrency continues to shake up the financial sector, keeping regulators on alert and intriguing the public. It simultaneously causes excitement about its possibilities, as well as concern about its illicit finance risks. But where are we exactly on crypto?

Host Anton Moiseienko is joined by Ari Redbord of TRM Labs and CFCS’s Allison Owen to take stock of cryptocurrency’s evolution and what we might expect next.

Suspicious Transaction Report Podcast Series

The Suspicious Transaction Report is the flagship podcast of RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS). It offers 'behind-the-scenes' insights and practical advice on how to implement the latest financial crime research and policy developments in the real world – from anti-money laundering and illicit flows to sanctions evasion and cryptocurrency abuse.

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Podcast Host

Anton Moiseienko

Associate Fellow; Lecturer in Law, Australian National University

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Allison Owen

Associate Fellow - Expert in cryptocurrency and counter-proliferation finance

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