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Play a part in shaping future responses to illicit finance by joining the Centre for Finance and Security (CFS) Partnership Forum

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Illicit finance fuels criminal networks, terrorists and kleptocrats worldwide. It takes advantage of vulnerabilities wherever they occur across societies - undermining progress, the rule of law, security and trust.  

CFS is driving change. Our analysis is comprehensive, our solutions are viable, and our ideas are actionable. We envision a world where confronting financial crime is a collective responsibility – from policymaking bodies to business entities to individual citizens.

Your role

Play a part in shaping future responses to illicit finance. Our partnership forum enables you to stay on the pulse of the latest policy and research developments, helping to inform your decision-making through unique insights, knowledge development and networking opportunities.

And our team is sure to benefit from your input along the way as we channel bold thinking into current policy debates in order to stay ahead of evolving illicit finance threats.

Key benefits

By joining our Partnership Forum, you will benefit from:

  • Rapid Analysis: invitations for up to three of your staff to special briefings following major policy initiatives, significant events or new CFS research findings.
  • Sharing Ideas: Opportunity for two of your staff to join our annual Ideas Lab, an internal brainstorm on emerging illicit finance trends informing the CFS’s possible future research directions.
  • Access to Expertise: Availability of a CFS research lead to speak at one partner event or give specialised team briefings (virtually or in-person in London) based on our existing expertise (up to two per year).  
  • Networking: Invitation to our end-of-year ‘Friends of CFS’ event, in addition to a full suite of CFS public events.
  • Acknowledgement in RUSI’s list of supporters on the RUSI website, if desired.

How to participate

The partnership forum fee is £12,000 plus VAT per year. For more information, please contact Kirsten Thompson, Business Development and Partnerships Manager, CFS. The partnership forum fee supports CFS core funding and allows us to be nimble in our activities and innovative in our outputs. Feel free to also reach out if you are interested in teaming up on a specific project.


Here are some of the members of our Partnership Forum

About CFS

Driving Change

RUSI’s Centre for Finance and Security (CFS) is a leading authority on the intersection of finance and security. Its comprehensive research and partnership-based approach equips the international community with the knowledge, tools and insights to understand and identify innovative responses to illicit finance. CFS impacts policy and drives change because we offer realistic solutions across sectors. There is no other not-for-profit organisation that offers this full suite of independent pioneering analysis, along with practical application in the anti-financial crime space.

Influencing Policy Agendas

CFS’s expertise is regularly cited by governments, international bodies, media and businesses. The team has briefed a range of policymaking bodies, including Parliaments in the UK, EU, Canada and Australia, US Congress, the UN Security Council and the Financial Action Task Force.

Pioneering Real Solutions

Our research on counterproliferation finance has been translated into law in numerous countries. Our trainings on cryptocurrency abuse, countering the financing of terrorism and the illegal wildlife trade have equipped thousands of private and public sector actors in identifying illicit finance threats worldwide. We have also unveiled the complexities behind international illicit finance as part of large-scale global investigations, such as the Luanda Leaks and the Panama Papers.

Advancing the Conversation

We are a convening power in the financial crime policy landscape, with an extensive international network of governments, international organisations and the private sector. Since our establishment in 2014, we have become a forum of choice for thought leaders from both the public and private sectors. We strategise at a high-level, while ensuring that our research and ideas are accessible to wider audiences via public events, dynamic podcasts and sharp commentaries.

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Centre for Finance and Security

Specialising in the intersection of finance and global security, our analysis and actionable ideas aim to challenge the status quo and build resilience in the global response to illicit finance.

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