Episode 7: Investigating Radicalisation, Gender and Violent Extremism

Two counter-extremism experts revisit their international fieldwork on radicalisation, gender and countering violent extremism.

In this episode of RUSI Journal Radio, hosts Demi and Ed are joined by Emily Winterbotham and Elizabeth Pearson for a wide-ranging discussion on radicalisation and gender.

Emily is the Director of Terrorism and Conflict at RUSI, and her research focuses on (counter)terrorism, preventing violent extremism, and international interventions in conflict and fragile states.

Elizabeth is a Lecturer in Criminology with the Conflict, Violence and Terrorism Research Centre at Royal Holloway, University of London, and specialises in gender, masculinities and (counter)extremism, with an interest in Islamist and far-right movements.

Co-authored with Katherine E Brown, their book Countering Violent Extremism: Making Gender Matter (2020) offers a critical analysis of gender and terrorism.

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