Episode 1: The View from Iran

In the first episode of 'Mind the Gulf', hosts Darya Dolzikova and Tobias Borck introduce the series and speak with Professor Nasser Hadian from the University of Tehran about Iranian views on regional security and the nuclear question.

The podcast starts with Darya outlining the trajectory of international diplomacy around the Iranian nuclear programme and providing a quick backgrounder on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the ongoing negotiations in Vienna. Tobias then gives a brief overview of how the often tense relations between Iran and other states in the Gulf and the wider Middle East have shaped regional security for the past half century.

Later in the episode, Professor Hadian outlines Iran's key concerns, its relationship with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, and the interaction between Iran's foreign policy and its nuclear programme, as well as offering his thoughts on the future of the JCPOA. 

The podcast is part of RUSI's Iran in the Global Security Context project.

Iran in the Global Security Context

RUSI’s project on Iran in the Global Security Context examines developments on the Iranian nuclear issue, their interaction with regional and global security matters, and implications for UK policy.

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Mind the Gulf Podcast Series

  • 'Mind the Gulf'

    'Mind the Gulf'

    Mind the Gulf is part of RUSI’s Iran in the Global Security Context project, which examines linkages between the Iranian nuclear programme and regional security in the Gulf and the wider Middle East. The project and this podcast examine the perspectives of countries in the region, with a particular focus on the six Gulf monarchies and Iran. The aim is to identify key concerns that need to be addressed if the diplomacy on Iran’s nuclear programme is to be rendered resilient within the regional security context.

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