Episode 26: A Transatlantic Response to Illicit Finance: Starting at Home

The US and UK have intensified their focus on tackling money laundering, kleptocracy and corruption.

Now, words need to translate into action. RUSI set up a Taskforce on a Transatlantic Response to Illicit Finance (TARIF) to provide urgent input into the policy debate. CFCS’s Tom Keatinge is joined by Taskforce members Moyara Ruehsen of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and Lord Garnier QC to give the scoop on the first meeting and discuss why any solution must start at home.

Financial Crime Insights Podcast Series

Financial Crime Insights is a collection of discussions from past CFCS webinars and events with top financial crime thinkers, as well as behind-the-scenes research interviews with the CFCS team. The topics they discuss remain timely and our aim is to bring these insights from the computer screen to our listeners who are on the go.


Tom Keatinge

Director, CFS

Centre for Finance and Security

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Moyara Ruehsen

Professor and Director, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Financial Crime Management Program

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Lord Garnier QC

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