Episode 42: The Rising Tide of Competition in the Indian Ocean Region

As strategic and economic interest in the region grows, how can states around the Indian Ocean and their partners mitigate the risk of conflict?

Jeffrey Payne of the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies in Washington joins Veerle and Aaditya to discuss growing competition in the Indian Ocean region. Why has interest in the region among nuclear maritime states – including India, China and the US – grown steadily over recent years? They consider the strategic risks to the region as a nuclear flashpoint and what steps could be taken to stabilise it.

Bridging the Oceans Podcast Series

Bridging the Oceans, hosted by Veerle Nouwens, will explore what the Indo-Pacific is, where its limits lie, and what the fast-evolving defence and security issues are in this dynamic part of the world. Together with a diverse range of experts, the podcast will also analyse today’s top geopolitical questions in the Indo-Pacific, understand how these are seen within the region itself, and consider how these issues may impact countries outside the region, like the United Kingdom. Episodes will be published bi-weekly and are part of our Navigating the Indo-Pacific programme.


Veerle Nouwens

Former Senior Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific

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Aaditya Dave

Former Research Analyst, South Asia

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