Talking Strategy Podcasts

This podcast explores the strategists and ideas that have shaped our understanding of defence and security.

Our thinking about defence and security is shaped by ideas. What we see depends on our vantage point and the lenses we apply to the world. Governments, militaries and business leaders are seeking to maximise the value they can gain from scarce resources by becoming more ‘strategic’. Standing on the shoulders of the giants of strategy of the past can help us see further and more clearly into the future. This series is aimed at those – leaders, practitioners, scholars – looking to learn more about strategy and wishing to discover how to become more strategic in thought and action.

This podcast series, co-chaired by Professor Beatrice Heuser and Paul O’Neill, examines the ideas of important thinkers from around the world and across the ages: the ideas themselves, where they came from, and what shaped those whose ideas shape us now. By exploring the foundations of how we and our adversaries think today, the episodes will shine a light on how we can best prepare for tomorrow.

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Season 1

Welcome to our first season of Talking Strategy. Access the latest episodes.

Episode 5: Admiral Liu Huaqing and China's Island Chain Strategy
clock26 Minute Listen
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Episode 4: Leo VI (the Wise) and the Beginning of Western Strategic Thinking
clock24 Minute Listen
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Episode 3: War and the French Enlightenment: Comte de Guibert
clock22 Minute Listen
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Episode 2: German Land Warfare Strategy at the Turn of the 20th Century
clock27 Minute Listen
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Episode 1: Sir Julian Corbett and the British Way of War
clock38 Minute Listen
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