Wojciech Pawlus

Outreach and Implementation ManagerCentre for Finance and Security


Wojciech’s work entails day-to-day management of RUSI’s technical assistance portfolio in countering proliferation finance (CPF). Since joining in 2018, he has organised CPF implementation workshops in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. He has also delivered modules on CPF case studies and typologies, including those in illicit shipping. Wojciech has been heavily involved in bringing the CPF project online, putting together and chairing panel events, as well as redeveloping the more regular training offer to match the web environment.

Apart from his work on nuclear security and financial crime, Wojciech has authored a number of articles on European security and wider foreign policy issues. He has also contributed to conferences and international policy forums. He is a keen observer and commentator on Polish affairs.

Prior to joining RUSI, Wojciech was a programme coordinator at a renowned Polish geopolitical conference organiser Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, responsible among others for the annual Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój. He has worked for an Australian international development company, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Irish human rights organisation Front Line Defenders. He holds degrees from Trinity College Dublin and the Department of War Studies at King’s College London.