Ali Ansari

Senior Associate Fellow; Professor of Iranian History and Director of the Institute for Iranian Studies, University of St Andrews


Ali Ansari is professor of Iranian History and director of the Institute for Iranian Studies at the University of St Andrews; Senior Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute; and president of the British Institute for Persian Studies.

He has authored several books including: The Politics of Nationalism in Modern Iran (CUP, 2012) Crisis of Authority: Iran's 2009 Presidential Election (Chatham House, 2010), Iran Under Ahmadinejad (Adelphi Paper, IISS, January 2008), Confronting Iran:The Failure of US Policy and the Roots of Mistrust (Hurst, London, 2006), Modern Iran since 1921: the Pahlavis and After (2nd Edition, Longman, London, 2007),  Iran, Islam & Democracy - The Politics of Managing Change (2nd Edition, RIIA, London, 2006).

He is also editor of the Cambridge History of Iran Vol 8 (The Islamic Republic).


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