Call for Presentations: The UK PONI 2022 Annual Conference

The UK Project on Nuclear Issues Annual Conference has established itself as the premier UK forum showcasing the nuclear expertise of a new generation working in academia, industry, government and the military.

By bringing together both emerging and established experts from across the nuclear field, the conference series promotes an informed and diverse dialogue on the most pertinent nuclear issues of the day.

The Conference

We are accepting proposals for presentations at the 2022 Annual Conference, which will be held in person on 7 June. Please download and complete the proposal form and send it to before Monday, 4 April.

UK PONI Conference Proposal Form

Opportunities for Presenters

The event will consist of a series of short presentations from emerging experts in the field as well as keynote speeches, and a variety of networking opportunities. The conference will focus on the research topics listed in the call for presentations document.

Selected presenters will have the opportunity to:

  • work with members of the UK Project on Nuclear Issues team and external mentors to refine their ideas and research during April–May.
  • undertake training to develop their research and presentation skills.
  • present their work to a broad audience of nuclear experts.
  • publish a short policy paper in RUSI’s annual edited volume, The UK PONI Papers. The best presentations from the conference will be put forward to the following year’s US PONI Capstone Conference, to be held at the US Strategic Command in Omaha, Nebraska.

Access the papers presented at the 2021 Annual Conference

The 2021 UK PONI Papers

Application Guidelines and Selection Process

Please send the completed 2022 Annual Conference proposal form to by Monday, 4 April, and include ‘Annual Conference Proposal’ as the email’s subject.

UK PONI encourages presentation proposals from graduate students, emerging technical specialists, and other early career professionals, including those with military experience. UK PONI is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, and we welcome applications from women, persons with disabilities, and underrepresented minorities.

The final choice will be made by a selection panel which consists of the UK PONI team and the UK PONI Board of Advisers, using an anonymised process. At the discretion of the selection panel, additional selected presentations may also be included in the Annual Conference.

Research Topics

The conference presentations will focus on, but will not be limited to, the topics listed in the research agenda and below. We encourage proposals that address the set topics from diverse points of view, including both technical and policy perspectives. We do encourage innovative and creative concepts, but not speculation without basis – so proposals which evidence good consideration of methodology are particularly encouraged.

Travel Bursaries

Some travel bursaries (covering return train tickets) are available for UK-based participants; please indicate if you are applying for a bursary in your application form. If you are based outside the UK, please consider submitting your application, as the UK PONI team can arrange virtual attendance for some presenters.

For more information about the UK PONI network, please join us and sign up to receive information about the annual conference and other events.


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