Ukrainian, Russian Forces Prepare for Onset of Brutal Winter

Featured in VOA

War in Ukraine


Progress for either side will be difficult, according to Justin Bronk, a military analyst at Britain’s Royal United Services Institute, a research institution. "What maneuvers do take place will be much more roadbound. And so, it will be harder for either side to move without getting bracketed by artillery very quickly, because their movements will be that much more predictable,” Bronk told VOA. ...“It may exacerbate the morale differences between the increasingly conscript-supported, with very limited training Russian forces, and the Ukrainian forces, who are equally in miserable conditions but are motivated in defending their homes,” Bronk said. “Being stuck out in foxholes and trenches in sub-zero temperatures for prolonged periods — especially in the Russian case, with very limited supplies and limited winter clothing — is not a recipe for good morale,” he added.