Ukraine: what's the counter-offensive latest?

Featured in BBC Briefing Room

War in Ukraine


The start of Ukraine’s counter-offensive against occupying Russian forces was hailed as the breakthrough moment of the war so far. Now six months on, we ask what happened? The Secretary General of NATO has said we should be ‘prepared for bad news’ and the White House has warned that the US is running out of time and money to fund the war. In this week's Briefing Room with David Aaronovitch we find out why things haven’t progressed as hoped and how much Ukraine’s key backers still support the war. Joining David to discuss are: Karin Von Hippel - Director General, Royal United Services Institute Shashank Joshi - Defence Editor at The Economist Michael Clarke - Professor of Defence studies and Specialist Advisor to the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy Prof. Dr. Daniela Schwarzer - Executive Board member of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, a German foreign policy think tank based in Berlin