Ukraine Hit by Wave of Cyberattacks as Invasion Begins

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Cyber Attacks


Russia is not going to install a new government in Ukraine through cyberattacks alone. There's not going to be one big cyberattack. What we're seeing here is the chipping away of - they're death by 1,000 cuts really of consistent attacks. Lots of low-level attacks as well. And I think this is really important. Because this has allowed Russia to have plausible viability. So, while we do attribute the attacks to Russia, we can't 100 percent prove that it's them. So, these low-level attacks, chipping away at the confidence of infrastructure. And we saw this yesterday with the d-dos attacks on the Ukrainian government departments that you mentioned at the top, followed by actually what you look at. If you look under the hood at the end, what you see is they used Wiper, that's what they wiped files. Now there's a question about how much operational impact did this have really on their military campaign? Perhaps very little. But what it does do, as I said, it undermined that trust and that's really important when you're wagging war..."