Russia Loses 38 Artillery Systems, 12 APVs in a Day: Ukraine

Featured in Newsweek

War in Ukraine


The Kremlin's newly formed 25th Combined Arms Army is "deployed piecemeal" along the hotspots of fighting in eastern Ukraine to "reinforce the over-stretched line," the U.K. Defense Ministry said in an intelligence update posted to social media. With these units scattered across the frontline, "a concerted new Russian offensive is less likely over the coming weeks," the ministry added. This assessment is likely accurate, and Russia has been unable to launch any serious counterattacks in the face of Kyiv's advances throughout Ukraine's summer months, according to Nick Reynolds, a research fellow for land warfare at the Royal United Services Institute defense think tank. Russia needs to hold the line for now through such piecemeal deployments, Reynolds told Newsweek. Although Moscow is "not in the best position" in terms of equipment and personnel losses, rotating troops and attrition, he added, the Kremlin is still likely hoping to wear down Ukraine through a drawn-out conflict. Russian failures in the past few months don't necessarily mean Moscow won't be able to launch offensive actions later on, he said.