How Israel was so easily invaded by Hamas terrorists in scenes that have shocked the world

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Israel - Hamas Conflict


How exactly the militant group managed to catch one of the world's most advanced military powers is not entirely clear — although Dr Tobias Borck told there may be a number of reasons behind a "lapse" in concentration. While he conceded that all we can do is "speculate at this point", Dr Borck said there are several explanations currently floating. "Was this really military too distracted with stuff going on elsewhere? Were the political divisions inside the country too distracting etc?" he said. "I think all of that is speculation where how much clearly achieved something pretty significant here, one way or the other. Wherever there's an intelligence failure. There's unfortunately also on the flip side, a significant success" The Senior Research Fellow for Middle East Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) noted the turbulent political landscape Israel has endured this year.