Can North Korea’s ammunition offer Russia support in Ukraine war?

Featured in Reuters

War in Ukraine


Massed artillery fire has played a key role since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which it calls a "special military operation. Some analysts call artillery the "king of battle" despite the focus on flashier, high-tech weapons. "Used correctly, artillery can shatter the will and cohesion of the enemy, offering significant opportunity to seize both ground and the initiative," Patrick Hinton, a British Army fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, said in a recent report. ... Hinton told Reuters the question of quality in North Korean artillery shells could have an impact if flaws fall outside accepted tolerances. "Poorly made ammunition will have inconsistent performance - behaviours in flight may be affected which will reduce accuracy; poor quality fuses may lead to premature function; shelf life may be reduced if the content is poorly made," he said. "These all need to be made to a high specification otherwise they may not land where they are expected to which can have catastrophic consequences."