Anticipating A Russian Attack, The Ukrainian Army Trained Its Tank Crews To Fight Like Artillery

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War in Ukraine


Analysts Mykhaylo Zabrodskyi, Jack Watling, Oleksandr Danylyuk and Nick Reynolds explained the Ukrainian tank corps’ evolution in a new study for the Royal United Services Institute in London. Besides more than doubling their armored force structure, the Ukrainians improved their T-64s, added T-80s and T-72s and developed new tactics for the tanks’ three-person crews. Most importantly, Ukrainian tank crews practiced firing their 125-millimeter guns at high angles in order to extend the guns’ range. “This technique blurs the line between tanks and artillery,” Zabrodskyi, Watling, Danylyuk and Reynolds wrote.

Read the Special Report: Preliminary Lessons in Conventional Warfighting from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: February–July 2022 - by Mykhaylo Zabrodskyi, Dr Jack Watling, Oleksandr V Danylyuk and Nick Reynolds - 30 November 2022