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Trump's backing for Turkey's Syria plan could cause havoc in an unstable region, experts warn

In The News, 7 October 2019
United States, Syria, Middle East and North Africa
Michael Stephens, a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, another London-based think tank, said he was not altogether surprised by the U.S. decision and warned it could have far-reaching consequences for the region. “Ultimately the question was not if the U.S. would withdraw, but when and how,” he said. “More concerning, of course, is how the fight against ISIS is run from this moment on. It is difficult to see how this agreement does anything other than give Turkey a carte blanche to socially engineer Kurdish majority areas of northeast Syria," Stephens added.

In The News

Michael Stephens
Associate Fellow

Michael Stephens was the Research Fellow for Middle East Studies. He joined RUSI’s London office in September 2010, first in the Nuclear... read more