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Iran crisis: How and why a British oil tanker was seized by Iran's Revolutionary Guards

In The News, 21 July 2019
RUSI International, Iran, UK, Europe, Middle East and North Africa
'“Iran has responded in a way that presents the UK with a problem,” Michael Stephens, Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute think-tank in London, told the Sunday Telegraph. "The ball is now in our court. The UK could choose to detain more Iranian ships, or look to gather a group of states around the table, such as France, Germany and the US, to see how, and in what ways, more pressure can be placed on Iran both economically and strategically," he said."

In The News

Michael Stephens
Research Fellow for Middle East Studies

Michael Stephens is the Research Fellow for Middle East Studies and Head of RUSI Qatar. He joined RUSI’s London office in September... read more