We cover the UK's nuclear policy, WMD issues around the world, Iranian and North Korean nuclear diplomacy, as well as counter proliferation financing, sanctions and sanction evasion tactics.


Climate Change and Energy Security

RUSI’s research addresses climate change as the backdrop to all national security, defence and foreign policy discourses.

Global WMD Issues

Our research focuses on regional affairs associated with the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons; countering proliferation finance; and broader issues of deterrence, disarmament and arms control.

Illicit Trade, Trafficking, and Illicit Financial Flows

Global illicit flows take diverse forms that are frequently interlinked, driven by organised crime and able to generate substantial proceeds, posing a significant threat to international security.

Proliferation Financing

Proliferators of weapons of mass destruction, such as North Korea and Iran, fund their programmes through illicit means, evading international sanctions in the process.


We examine the complex challenges surrounding the design and implementation of sanctions and identify both public and private sector-based solutions and areas for collaboration.

Technology, Security and Intelligence

RUSI’s research spans areas such as the intersection between technology and geopolitics, ethical and legal applications of AI, technology procurement, FinTech and cyber.

UK Foreign and Security Policy

RUSI analyses today’s critical UK foreign policy issues, including the impact of Brexit, the response to Russia and China, and the Asian Pivot.

UK Nuclear Policy and Programmes

RUSI conducts research and convenes discussions on the UK’s nuclear weapons programme, its nuclear policy, and its approach to non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament.