Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Disruptive Technologies

We analyse the impact of disruptive technologies on national security and prosperity and consider how countries can secure strategic advantage from AI and other technologies in an era of geopolitical competition.

Main Image Credit Artificial Intelligence | Wikimedia Commons / Pixabay

Recent rapid advances in technological innovation are taking place in an era of increased geopolitical competition. Disruptive technologies like AI often rely on software and hardware that are sourced through global supply chains as well as access to training data. Consequently, countries will have to lean heavily on international alliances and partnerships, while seeking to achieve their own national objectives.

We comment on the challenges and opportunities presented by disruptive technologies for both the defence and civilian sectors. For the defence sector, we consider target acquisition, insider threat detection, and automated logistics. And from a wider societal perspective, we explore the national security implications of disruptive technologies in areas such as terrorism, cyber, financial crime, climate, and regional power dynamics.

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