Introductory Guide To Understanding Misogyny And The Far-Right

Published by CREST Research


Far-right extremism represents a significant security threat in both the UK and Australia, as well as in many other places around the globe. A growing body of evidence suggests that gender identity and gender ideology are connected to extremism and terrorism, and that prevention strategies should consider the gendered dimensions of radicalisation, recruitment and participation in extremist groups given the distinct experiences in these processes that can be enabled or constrained by gender. Yet, less research has been devoted to critically examining the transnational spread of far-right extremism across online channels and offline sites and how this transmission might be encouraged by misogyny and other gendered perspectives shared across various extreme ideologies and groups.

'Introductory Guide To Understanding Misogyny And The Far-Right', by Alexandra Phelan, Jessica White, Claudia Wallner and James Paterson, 20 February 2023