UK–Russia Security Relations: Talking To Understand

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A report based on findings from the latest round of the UK–Russia Track 1.5 (non-governmental) bilateral security dialogue, which RUSI held in collaboration with the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC).

Previous iterations of the dialogue have covered a range of geopolitical issues such as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, organised crime, terrorism, and the Middle East. This year, the workshops focused on the challenging issues of the economic opportunities in Africa; maritime security in the Arctic; private military companies; and the rules of the information space.

This iteration of the project also broadened its activities beyond London and Moscow with an event on maritime security held in the Arctic city of Arkhangelsk, with the assistance of the Northern Arctic Federal University (SAFU). Convening the dialogue outside Moscow allowed the discussion to benefit from the knowledge of regional experts and to engage communities that are often overlooked.

As with previous project cycles, the workshops were designed to generate recommendations for the Russian and British governments, as well as to identify potential areas in which the private sector, academia and regional actors can contribute to the bilateral relationship.


Emily Ferris

Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia

International Security Studies

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