Event recording: Semiconductors: A Foundational Technology Caught in a Geopolitical Debate

In March 2021, the Dialogue hosted a webinar to discuss the development and manufacturing of semiconductors, and the implications of this sector on relations between China and the world, as well as between Asian powers.

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Dutch Semiconductor firm ASML's decision to extend its contract with US-sanctioned Chinese technology company SMIC – added to the Department of Defense’s list of ‘Communist Chinese military companies’ in December 2020 - turned the spotlight on transatlantic tensions over research and development cooperation with China. As a foundational technology upon which vast sectors of our modern lives are built, the manufacture and trade in semiconductors are a critical elements in the wider conversation about what kind of technological relationship the west can have with China. What differences exist between the US and Europe and what might longer-term transatlantic and international cooperation within the industry look like?


Dr Ming-chin Monique Chu, Lecturer in Chinese Politics, University of Southampton

Dr Mathieu Duchatel, Director of Asia Programme, Institut Montaigne

Jan-Peter Kleinhans, Head of the Technology and Geopolitics Programme, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (SNV)

John Lee, Senior Analyst, MERICS

Introducing and chairing: Raffaello Pantucci, Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI


Article category: Digital Technology and R&D


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