Russia Navigating the Indo-Pacific

We aim to address the question of how Russia understands the Indo-Pacific security concept and what interests are driving Moscow’s regional approach.

Russia navigating the Indo-Pacific

The rise of the Indo-Pacific as a distinct security space presents a challenge to vital elements of Russia’s effort to position itself as a great power and to balance the West, notably through a close Sino-Russian bilateral relationship.

This project examines Russia’s evolving engagement on a regional basis, highlighting the dynamic and multi-relational framework that Russia must increasingly navigate as the Indo-Pacific region emerges. To achieve this aim, the project will analyse the debate in Russia on the shifting security dynamics of the Indo-Pacific, map Russia’s evolving policies and how it is seeking to develop its bilateral relations and regional engagement in response to the coalescence of the Indo-Pacific as a security region and highlight the implications for the future of Russia's foreign and security policies.

Russia navigating the Indo-Pacific

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Russia and the Indo-Pacific Security Concept

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