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Examining how policy and strategy can tackle the challenges posed by cyber.

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National cyber strategies are a policy tool that help countries to tackle risks that have the potential to undermine the achievement of economic and social benefits from cyberspace. A good approach to cyber strategy aims to establish a range of objectives and priorities that should be achieved in a specific timeframe. There is an increasingly geopolitical dynamic to national cyber strategies due to fragmented global supply chains and geostrategic competition over access to advanced technologies. And the cyber resilience of critical infrastructure and services is of paramount importance in maintaining the national and economic security of the UK and its partners.

A variety of stakeholders are engaged in the use and management of technology across society. Consequently, national cyber strategies must engage stakeholders beyond the walls of government. Previously, RUSI has conducted research into the UK’s 2022 National Cyber Strategy, advocating a whole-of-society approach. By comparing the UK approach to cyber strategy with other like-minded countries, RUSI’s next phase of research will seek to identify best practices and principles to guide governments in implementing cyber strategies in a whole-of-society manner.

Sasin Paraksa / Alamy Stock Photo

Cyber Statecraft in an Era of Systemic Competition

A Whole of Society Approach to Cyber

Cyber Capacity Building


Cyber Power


Future UK Cyber Security Strategy

Responsible Cyber Behaviour

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