Leadership Centre

Develop the skills, knowledge and awareness needed for governments and security practitioners in today’s security environment.

Since its establishment in 2015, RUSI’s Leadership Centre has developed its executive education programmes by drawing on RUSI’s expert networks to provide world-class training at all levels.

The Centre’s diplomatic training courses – mostly aimed at young diplomats – provide a solid grounding for government careers and promotion, while its military courses focusing on force structures and the full gamut of complex military operations and expeditionary capabilities are aimed at more senior military officials. 

A new and even higher-level short ‘refresher’ course is offered to top military and civilian officials. Most of the courses are bespoke and are held at RUSI’s headquarters in the heart of Whitehall, but some are delivered on-location elsewhere or, as appropriate, through specific online software platforms.

The Centre also organises one-off major conferences on counterterrorism and good governance. All its courses provide qualification certificates, and full academic accreditation is now being arranged. 

Previous research training includes: 

  • Delivering a training course on strategic military planning to the Qatar Ministry of Defence.
  • Conducting an intensive diplomatic training course for the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Delivering a three-week course on strategic analysis in Morocco.
  • Conducting an intensive crisis management training programme in Saudi Arabia.
  • Managing training courses for early-career officials in Hungary.


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