Our Work

We promote knowledge and scholarship valued by RUSI members and the public at large through the Institute’s research programmes, events and publications.

RUSI is a think tank that aims to facilitate forward thinking, free discussion and careful reflection on defence and security matters. Throughout our long history, we have built a reputation as a trusted authority.

Research, consultancy and training

We have an active and varied research agenda that can be reviewed here. There are opportunities to engage directly with our research, work with RUSI experts or shape the agenda through participation. Contact us to explore this further.

RUSI also fulfils its objectives through its Leadership Centre, providing executive education programmes for governments and security practitioners around the world.

You can view our funding sources here.

Building networks and communities

RUSI membership provides access to unique content, events and experiences that enable a deeper understanding of the key geopolitical, defence and security issues of our time. Through events and networks, we are able to bring together the leaders, practitioners and experts at the heart of global security. Our range of membership packages are designed to suit small and large organisations, as well as individuals at various stages of their career.

Convening power

RUSI’s convening power is strengthened by the location of its headquarters in Whitehall in the heart of London. The historic building houses its researchers and library and is used for conferences and meetings. In September 2023 we reopened our doors at 61 Whitehall having undergone a major programme of refurbishment.

Curating historic collections

RUSI’s Library of Military History serves the Institute’s objectives by hosting a collection of over 30,000 volumes – some of them unique – dedicated to developing our knowledge of war and shaping theoretical approaches to modern military thinking.

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