RUSI is a registered charity and non-partisan think tank, funding itself independently.

RUSI is a registered charity (No. 210639) in the UK and, as such, must demonstrate public benefit in all that it does, as well as ensuring that it is not identified with any party-political stance. RUSI adopts no corporate view; the opinions expressed by its researchers and associates are theirs alone, and are made as contributions to a broader debate, rather than as part of an effort to advance a particular approach.

RUSI funds itself independently, drawing income from its membership subscriptions, from the sale of its various publications and from research contracts, donations and events funded by a wide range of sources, private and governmental, UK-based and international.

The Institute receives no core government funding. RUSI’s essential intellectual independence is upheld regardless of its independent funding sources. RUSI sets its own agenda, chooses its own research topics and takes very seriously its responsibility to reflect its research findings truthfully. RUSI rejects funding that is incompatible with its independence or the probity of its activities. This independence is constantly upheld and monitored by senior management and overseen by the Institute’s Trustees.

RUSI is committed to the intellectual integrity of its research and to meeting the highest standards of quality in all that it does. It employs individuals on the basis of equality of treatment and good working practices.

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Ethics Statement

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