Recording: What role is there for media development in preventing and countering violent extremism? Observations from the STRIVE programme in Kenya

This webinar sought to examine the relatively new topic of media development in relation to violent extremism, drawing on observations from a media capacity-building project that was part of a countering violent extremism programme in Kenya.

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Media development is rarely discussed in programming to prevent or counter violent extremism (P/CVE). It sits uneasily alongside strategic communication and the use of alternative and counter narratives to respond to propagated narratives by terrorist organisations. Over the past few years a countering violent extremism programme in Kenya, called STRIVE II and implemented by RUSI Nairobi, piloted an approach to media development to strengthen conflict reporting capacity in response to violent extremism and terrorist incidents.

This discussion sought to explore wider questions involved in media development programming and implications for policy. Can media development support P/CVE objectives? What relevance does this type of programming have outside Kenya?


  • James Deane, Head of Policy, BBC Media Action
  • Professor Jake Lynch, Leverhulme Visiting Professor at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University
  • Matt Freear, STRIVE Preventive Communications manager and RUSI Communications Research Consultant  

This event was chaired by Luniya Msuku, RUSI Nairobi


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