Recording: Understanding Cyber Operations

This is our first event in its series on cyber operations - a discussion with leading practitioner and researcher Dr Daniel Moore on enhancing our understanding of offensive cyber operations.

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As public commentaries about the Ukraine war indicate, cyber warfare is often discussed, but rarely properly understood. When does an intrusion turn into an attack, and what does that entail? How do states fold cyber operations into their strategies? Understanding the lifecycle and complexity of targeting adversary networks is key to doing so effectively in conflict.

In his new book Offensive Cyber Operations: Understanding Intangible WarfareDaniel Moore seeks to observe the spectrum of cyber operations. By piecing together operational case studies, military strategy and technical analysis, he shows that modern cyber operations are neither altogether unique, nor entirely novel. Offensive cyber operations are the latest incarnation of intangible warfare – conflict waged through non-physical means, such as the information space or the electromagnetic spectrum.

The discussion is moderated by Conrad Prince, RUSI Distinguished Fellow and former Director General for Operations at GCHQ.

Speaker's Biography

Daniel Moore has over 15 years’ experience in the intersection of technology, intelligence and cyber. He has a PhD from King’s College London and has held roles in the public and private sectors, including the Israeli military, IBM, Accenture and Meta. Daniel has published extensively on security issues.


Conrad Prince CB

Distinguished Fellow and Senior Cyber Adviser

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