Recording: A Transatlantic Approach to China – Engaging Indo-Pacific Regional Partners

A discussion, in partnership with Asia Matters podcast, looking at how the US and Europe can best engage partners across the Indo-Pacific region in aligning strategies towards China.

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Policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic have signalled China as the heart of their security concerns. However, divergent opinions about the nature of the response and their involvement with the Indo-Pacific region remain. Asian partners such as Japan, South Korea and India are crucial in any response to China, but they also pursue wider regional economic, political and strategic interests. Meanwhile, there is a surge of regionally focused strategic policy announcements, including AUKUS, the EU's Indo-Pacific strategy and the initiation of transatlantic cooperation through the Transatlantic Technology Council.

This is all taking place in the shadow of joint Russian–Chinese military exercises in the region and a new China Military Power report from the Pentagon which highlights Beijing’s increasingly ambitious military agenda. Europe and the US must find new ways of engaging strategically and economically with a region that is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, youngest populations and critical technological innovations.

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Transatlantic Dialogue on China

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