Recording: The RAF Experience During Op PITTING

A discussion with the RAF’s Air Mobility Force and ground support team

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RUSI is delighted to host members of the RAF’s Air Mobility Force and ground support team for an online discussion. The capital of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban on 15 August 2021, triggering an urgent multinational non-combatant evacuation effort.

In the largest air mobility operation since the Berlin Airlift, the RAF and 16 Air Assault Brigade successfully evacuated to safety over 15,000 eligible Afghan and British nationals. The evacuation generated intense interest, and has subsequently been cited by many as a seminal event which should influence future force design and policymaking.

The event focuses on the Air perspective of Op PITTING during operations at Kabul, rather than on wider Afghan relocation and assistance policy efforts or previous operations in Afghanistan since 2001. Speakers will seek to highlight relevant lessons from the operation, and will stand ready to engage in a broader discussion with the audience.


The panel comprises of:

Wing Commander Calvin Bailey, the Detachment Commander of the deployed Air Mobility Forces as part of Op PITTING overseeing the flying operations;

Flight Lieutenant Kate Pomeroy BSc Hons, Member of the Aeromed Squadron at TMW deployed on Op PITTING;

and Cpl Hayley Court, who enjoyed a full 22 year career as a regular Air/Ground steward in the RAF and is now in her 10th year as a Reservist. She holds the record for the number of RAF Reserves operational mobilisations, which to date stands at 216.

The webinar is moderated by Justin Bronk, Research Fellow, Airpower and Technology, Military Sciences, RUSI.

Chaired by

Professor Justin Bronk

Senior Research Fellow, Airpower & Technology

Military Sciences

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