Recording: Cyber Diplomacy and the EU: The role of cyber and digital in foreign policy

The opportunities and risks posed by cyber and digital technologies have thrust them into the global spotlight. Advanced technologies are seen as the engine for economic growth and have become a lodestar of geopolitics. National governments are eager to support innovation while avoiding risk, and foreign policy is a central part of that mission.

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To represent their interests in an increasingly busy digital space, countries have appointed dedicated cyber ambassadors. Pioneered by European countries, the cyber ambassador’s remit is expanding, although roles and responsibilities vary considerably between national contexts. Cyber ambassadors can focus on trade and business, broader engagement in multilateral forums and strategic groupings, or bilateral engagements with big tech companies. As the role is adopted more widely, it is important to understand its remit, priorities and relationship to broader objectives.

In this event, we host a panel of current cyber ambassadors from across Western, Eastern and Central Europe. They provide insights into the nature and scope of their role, in addition to how they see the cyber and digital landscape today and going into the next decade.


  • Ambassador Dr Regine Grienberger, German Ambassador for Cyber Foreign Policy
  • Ambassador Tanel Sepp, Estonian Ambassador-at-Large for Cyber Diplomacy
  • Ambassador Nathalie Jaarsma, Dutch Ambassador-at-Large for Security Policy and Cyber

The event is chaired by RUSI Distinguished Fellow and former UK Cyber Security Ambassador Conrad Prince CB.


Conrad Prince CB

Distinguished Fellow and Senior Cyber Adviser

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