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The Yazhou Fishing Port is one of the Sansha Maritime Militia Fleet's home ports on Hainan Island. Courtesy of Conor M Kennedy

The Struggle for Blue Territory: Chinese Maritime Militia Grey-Zone Operations

Conor Kennedy
RUSI Journal, 6 December 2018
China, Maritime Forces
The role of the maritime militia in acting to preserve China’s rights and interests in the ‘grey zone’ cannot be underestimated.

China employs three sea forces to defend and advance its maritime claims – the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the China Coast Guard and the maritime militia. This third force plays a vital role in protecting China’s maritime rights and interests, performing tasks that fit what observers are increasingly referring to as the ‘grey zone’ between war and peace. In this article, Conor Kennedy addresses Chinese considerations that guide the use of maritime militia and defines a range of operations by reviewing publicly known cases.

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