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Robert Mueller walking in front of reporters, journalists and camerapersons. Courtesy of PA Images/Carol Guzy

The Strategic Logic of State and Non-State Malign ‘Influence Activities’

Haroro J Ingram
RUSI Journal, 21 February 2020
Cyber, Domestic Security, Information, Technology
Malign actors are exploiting weak points in modern democratic governance.

Malign ‘influence activities’ conducted by state and non-state adversaries are one of the most pressing security challenges facing democracies globally. Haroro J Ingram offers a framework through which to understand the overarching strategic logic of a diverse spectrum of propaganda and disinformation threats targeting democratic populations. He argues that these activities seek to erode social trust, trust in authorities/expertise and trust in democracy, driving psycho-social and strategic effects that may contribute to the weakening of democratic institutions and processes. He concludes by identifying three strategic policy pillars that could be used to develop a more assertive posture for the protection and projection of democracy.

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