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Courtesy of IceUnshattered/Wikimedia

Shashoujian, or, the Way of the Dragon

Manabrata Guha
RUSI Journal, 25 July 2019
China, Military Personnel
Historical Chinese military concepts still exert a profound influence over the country’s current military modernisation.

The Chinese term Shashoujian, most commonly translated in Western strategic literature as ‘the assassin’s mace’, may be more than just a reference to innovative weapons systems and weapons development programmes. Manabrata Guha makes a case for recognising it as a key strategic-conceptual armature that may be driving Chinese military strategy, and thus a means for gaining a deeper insight into an emergent Chinese strategic-military posture.

BANNER IMAGE: An examination of the key concepts in China’s military history may show that Beijing's quest for anti-access capabilities is more offensive than previously thought. Courtesy of IceUnshattered/Wikimedia

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