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The amphibious assault ship USS America performs flight operations while underway to Exercise Rim of the Pacific 2016, June 2016

The Rebalance to Asia Under Trump: What Comes Next?

Patrick Cullen
RUSI Journal, 8 May 2017
United States, US Defence Policy, Americas, Defence Policy, Pacific
In contrast to earlier predictions, President Donald Trump's policies towards Asia may not radically depart from those of the previous administration.

Attempts to predict the future shape of President Donald Trump’s defence policy in the Asia-Pacific are a challenge, at best. Nevertheless, Patrick Cullen argues that, in contrast to early assumptions that he would initiate a more isolationist defence policy and break with the previous administration’s Rebalance to Asia policy, Trump is more likely to adopt a hawkish – if unpredictable – enforcement of the policy’s key defence objectives. Gauging whether the Trump administration will bring either change from, or continuity with, the military component of the Rebalance to Asia policy will require keeping an eye on each of the policy’s subcategories.

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