Episode 2: A Sustainable Defence?

Sustainability can be somewhat of an umbrella phrase, misused to cover a spectrum of climate change related activities. But what does the term mean for the UK Armed Forces, and how might they learn from the experience of other industries.

When discussing climate change, the focus is often on decarbonisation rather than sustainability. Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw (Chief of Defence Logistics and Support, UK Ministry of Defence) and Howard Lungley (Sustainability Lead at the Frazer-Nash consultancy) help us understand why sustainability is important to the defence sector, and how industry has navigated the same challenges.

In this episode, hosts Major Alistair Beard (RUSI/British Army) and Linsey Cottrell (CEOBS) identify with General Wardlaw and Lungley what sustainability means within the defence sector, as well as the learning curve that the UK armed forces have embarked upon.

The discussion sheds light on the interconnected nature of sustainability and on the imperative and character of change in the defence sector.


Lieutenant Colonel Alistair Beard

Former Army Visiting Fellow

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