Episode 34: Illicit Money: Financing Terrorism in the 21st Century

How do terrorists procure and protect their funds, and are the policies currently in place to counter this fit for purpose?

RUSI Associate Fellow and terrorism expert Jessica Davis joins CFCS's Stephen Reimer for a discussion on her latest book, Illicit Money. They explore why new thinking is needed to tackle terrorist financing, including an understanding of the complex ways in which funds are raised, used, moved and stored.

Financial Crime Insights Podcast Series

Financial Crime Insights is a collection of discussions from past CFCS webinars and events with top financial crime thinkers, as well as behind-the-scenes research interviews with the CFCS team. The topics they discuss remain timely and our aim is to bring these insights from the computer screen to our listeners who are on the go.


Stephen Reimer

Associate Fellow

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Jessica Davis

Associate Fellow; President and Principal Consultant with Insight Threat Intelligence

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