Environmental Security Podcasts

RUSI’s Environmental Security Podcasts take a deeper look at the environmental challenges threatening our planet’s net worth, as well as national and international security.

Against the backdrop of a warming world, guest experts join our hosts Grace Evans and Lauren Young to examine topics including the illegal wildlife trade; illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing; and the human exploitation of Earth’s natural resources more broadly. Throughout the series, we will discuss current global responses, highlight gaps in our collective understanding, and explore novel ways to combat global environmental security challenges.

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In Hot Water: Illegal Fishing in a Warming World

Illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing is a multifaceted global threat – one that harms aquatic ecosystems, human security and regional stability, and that stands to evolve significantly in a warming world. As fish numbers and distributions shift in a warming climate and as sea levels rise, interactions between humans and the aquatic environment will alter. With the climate emergency accelerating, our experts discuss the ways in which the IUU fishing landscape is changing, exploring topics such as polar ice melt, contested EEZ boundaries, vulnerable local livelihoods, ownership transparency and crime convergence.


Episode 6: Fishing for a Better Future
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Episode 5: Policing the Sea: Tackling Illegal Fishing in a Warming World
clock94 Minute Listen
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Episode 4: Fishy Business: Where Illegal Fishing Converges with Other Crimes
clock63 Minute Listen
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Episode 3: All Ashore: Inland Illegal Fishing and Climate Stress
clock54 Minute Listen
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Episode 2: Going Under: The Changing Accessibility of the Sea
clock71 Minute Listen
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Episode 1: Chasing Fish: The Pursuit of Cooler, Deeper Waters
clock73 Minute Listen
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