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Team Leader STRIVE

Martine Zeuthen is a Senior Research Fellow in the National Security Studies programme at RUSI. She is based in Nairobi and set up RUSI’s operation in East Africa. She focusses on extremism and radicalisation, countering violent extremism, programme management and research methodology. Prior to working for RUSI she worked in a consulting firm specialising in data collection and evaluation of CVE related programmes in conflict affected states. Martine lived and worked in Syria during the first years of her career. She is a Danish anthropologist (MSc) and currently studying a PhD in Crime and Security Studies at UCL.

Martine is leading the CVE work in East Africa and she led the ‘Strengthening Resilience to Violent Extremism in the Horn of Africa’ (STRIVE) programme and the follow on, STRIVE II as well as many other research based CVE projects. Martine is responsible for designing and overseeing implementation and research of all RUSI’s CVE work in the region, which involves managing a highly complex network of stakeholders including law enforcement, government ministries, civil society, religious groups and research organisations.

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RUSI Nairobi

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Horn of Africa, National Security Studies, Africa Counter Terrorism and Extremism

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