Major General Michael Traut

Commander, German Space Command


Military Career

1983 - Joined the Bundeswehr as a conscript
1984–1985 - 52nd Air Force Officer Course, Air Force Officer School, Fürstenfeldbruck
1985–1986 - Study of computer science, Bundeswehr University Munich,
1986–1988 - System administrator and programmer, Air Force Materiel Office, Cologne
1988–1990 - Intercept controller training and initial assignment as intercept controller I/Signal Regiment 33, Goch
1990–1992 - Intercept Control Instructor, V./Air Force School of Engineering, Erndtebrück
1992–1997 - Intercept controller, track production officer and operations officer, V./ Air Force School of Engineering, Erndtebrück
1997–1999 - 42nd National General Staff Course, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg
1999–2000 - Advanced Command and Staff Course No. 3, Joint Services Command and Staff College, BRACKNELL/UK, MA in Defence Studies
2000–2002 - Assistant Section Chief, Armament Policy Affairs, German Air Force Office, Air Force Armament Section, Cologne
2002–2005 - Desk Officer, FMoD Air Staff Branch III 1, Bonn
2005–2007 - Commander, Tactical Air Command and Control Centre 4, Aurich
2007 - Commander, Operational Wing MAZAR-E-SHARIF, AFG
2007-2010 - Branch Chief, A 5 I, German Air Force Command, Cologne
2010-2013 - Branch Chief, FMoD Armed Forces Staff VII 1 / FüSK I 4, Bonn
2013-2016 - Chief, Armed Forces Training Division, Headquarters German Joint Support Service, Bonn
2016-2020 - Commandant, Air Force Officer School, Fürstenfeldbruck
2021-2023 - Director, National Air Operations and Commander, German Space Command
2020-2021 - Member Royal College of Defence Studies London/GBR
eff. April 2023 - Commander, German Space Command

RUSI Space Power Conference 2023