Robert Pritchard

Associate Fellow, Cyber


Robert Pritchard is a cyber security specialist with over fourteen years of experience working in the field of cyber security in a number of different arenas.

After spending five years doing security risk assessment at a major investment bank, he worked in a variety of security roles in the UK Government, before becoming deputy head of the Cyber Security Operations Centre. He is founder of The Cyber Security Expert, offering managed security monitoring, incident response and specialist consultancy services.

Robert specialises in security operations and incident response. While in Government, Robert was heavily involved in the National Cyber Security Programme, and in preparations for the London Olympics, where he led on development of incident response measures and the cyber aspects of the exercise programme. 

Since leaving Government he has set up security operations centres in large UK companies.

Robert is a passionate communicator on cyber security, believing the topic should be explained in a straightforward, jargon-free manner. He has had articles published in technical journals and Jane's Intelligence Review.

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